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Slide sharing is hard
Sun 27 January 2013

Brief review of some slide sharing technology

Slides from my Intro to Twisted presentation at Rackspace

Easier windows setup for Twisted developers, using Active State Python

How-To for programmers using Windows who would like to work on Twisted

Linting Twisted codebase with Sublime Text 2

Rambling and paranoid stream of consciousness about Amazon's Whispernet

Notes to myself on how to test Android applications

Android ApiDemos in Eclipse
Mon 27 April 2009

Notes to myself on how to set up Android ApiDemos

Intrepid Ibex on MSI Wind
Fri 06 February 2009

Notes to myself on upgrading my MSI wind to Intrepid Ibex.

My new MSI Wind and Ubuntu
Mon 22 December 2008

Notes to myself on installing Ubuntu on my MSI Wind